Custom Finial Options

Pinned Finial

(For solid 12" & 34" rods only.) If you would like to eliminate the external finial collar 💛 specify "Pinned Finials". The Rod end will be bored and cross drilled for set screw. Finial will have an attached pin to slip into rod end. Provides a seamless look.

Pinned finial
Pinned Finial: Baby Pineapple on 12" round rod with Versailles finish

Wood Pole Finial Adapter

Adapt any of our finials to fit a wood pole. Available for: 138", 2", 214🌺" & 3" diameter wood poles. Specify finial and pole diameter. Finial will be welded to the adapter.

Wood Pole Finial Adapter
Wood Pole Adapter: Shown for 1-3/8" pole with Andromeda finial in the Hammered Steel finish